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Drill water wells for drinking water and landscape irrigation – our water wells serve homes, farms & businesses in Central California. The drilling process is a complex process that is designed to obtain water for the client’s property while at the same time protects the aquifer. Groundwater is present almost anyplace we drill; the issues are how much flow and what is the water quality?

Our typical house well is 100’-400’ in depth and flows ten gallons per minute. All of the rural areas of Central California are served by individual water wells.

Drill large-diameter irrigation wells for agriculture– our company drills and services large diameter irrigation wells for farms and ranches. The average well is 300’- 600’ deep and is equipped with a 20-50hp submersible well pump. Our wells have deep “seals” and fine filter pack media placed opposite the well screen to keep sand out of the well. The two common methods of water application are drip irrigation and sprinklers. Systems are designed to maximize water/power efficiency. We offer irrigation audits.

  • Well site location
  • Air and mud rotary drill rigs
  • Portable mud systems
  • Electric logs
  • Custom grouting
  • Test holes